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Room decoration

What is the one thing that no holiday can do without? What helps set the mood for a wave of fun or add a moment of romance? That's right, balloons. A balloon is such a simple yet perfect shape. Balloon bouquets can even bring a smile to a hospital ward. Ready-made balloon sets can transform a room and are the perfect decoration for a romantic evening.

Decorating a room with balloons in Dubai is incredibly easy. There's no need to scour the city for quality latex balloons and then spend all night inflating them. Just choose from our catalogue and fill out a delivery request or give us a call. You can order ready-made sets to decorate your space for any occasion:

  • Multicolour balloon sets.
  • Balloons in gold, silver.
  • Bouquets, garlands, columns and arches for room decoration.
  • Clear and coloured balloons with inscriptions.

All room decoration sets are filled with helium. We pre-treat them with a special glue so that they stay in shape longer and are not damaged by elements such as chandeliers or curtains.

We take orders and deliver balloons round the clock. We can deliver a room decoration set within two to three hours of the order being placed or at a pre-arranged time.

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