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Baby Girl balloons

Baby Girl balloons to welcome the little princess
It's a girl! The arrival of a little princess is pure joy for parents and a great reason for a family get-together and party.

At the DreamBalloon online shop you can order balloon bouquets to welcome the little girl. We also offer ready-made decorations for the nursery or a party in honour of the new arrival.

We offer round-the-clock balloon delivery in Dubai, even at night. Whether it's decorating the baby's room, the maternity ward or a baby shower on the beach, we've got you covered. In our catalogue you'll find ready-made ideas such as

  • Complete balloon sets to welcome a baby girl.
  • Balloon bouquets, garlands and compositions for a baby shower party.
  • Balloon bouquets to decorate a celebration cake.
  • Jumbo clear balloon bouquets containing toys, blankets, baby clothes and even nappies.
  • Foil balloons shaped like stars, elephants, unicorns and cartoon characters.

We can customise a balloon bouquet based on your preferences or a photo provided. Express delivery within two to three hours is available for those moments when time is of the essence.

We take extra care when packing the balloons and cover them with a special glue. Please call us for more information or to place an order. Let's make your party even more special!

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