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Halloween: A night of spooky fun
Despite its dark and eerie past, Halloween has gradually shed its religious origins to become one of the most vibrant holidays of the year. Today, 31 October is synonymous with masquerades and unforgettable parties.

However, the event has retained its distinctly sinister aura. Creating the right atmosphere for your Halloween gathering is easy with themed Halloween balloons. These balloons also take centre stage in various competitions such as balloon relays, bursting balloon challenges, Halloween bowling and more.

For a wide selection of festive bouquets and themed Halloween balloons with delivery in Dubai, just a click away, visit the online store DreamBalloon.store. You can order here:

  • Ready made sets of latex and foil balloons to decorate your costume party
  • Bouquets and garlands of foil balloons shaped like bats, ghosts and pumpkin faces
  • Black and orange latex balloons with inscriptions, themed images or plain.
  • Jumbo balloons with inscriptions and more

Our balloons can be filled with air (stays in shape for two to four days) or helium (stays in shape for at least 8 hours). In addition, latex balloons are coated with a special adhesive which prolongs their life and allows them to be used at outdoor events.

To place an order, simply give us a call or leave an enquiry on our website. We offer 24/7 delivery of Halloween balloons throughout Dubai. Our courier will be there even if you've got a midnight meeting in the middle of a spooky empty lot.

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