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Gentle Set N.3

The Set includes:
50 helium balloons with special strings
3 animal balloons
1 moon
3 clouds
5 stars
5 hearts
1 transparent balloon with balloons inside
1 Geant balloon 24 inch
2 big bouquets with stars and hearts

All colors of balloons can be changed ❗️

Floats 1 to 2 days. See Longevity Notes ♥️

Inflated with helium - this item will float ✅

❗️Important Notice❗️

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Balloons should not remain in bags. Always unbag balloons upon receipt to ensure better float time. Longevity is not guaranteed for any balloon taken outside.

Cold air, hot air, high humidity, changing barometric pressure, high altitudes, and moving air from fans and vents will reduce balloon float times.


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