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Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles
We adore birthdays. And we love the simple joy of blowing out candles. These festive moments are a time for fun and renewed hope. Don't miss out on the celebration, even if you don't have time to organise it. You can order decorations and birthday candles in Dubai online through the Dream Balloon store. Just give us a call or submit an enquiry on our website.

In our catalogue you'll find:

- Classic Birthday Candles in Pink, White, Gold and Silver
- Happy Birthday" shaped candles
- Number candles etc.

We deliver candles to any corner of Dubai on time or within a few hours if time is of the essence. Our services are available 24/7 without interruption. Payment can be made by cash or card.

The origins of the tradition of blowing out birthday candles

The tradition of blowing out birthday candles dates back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks celebrated the birthday of Artemis - the goddess of the moon and fertility. They lit candles and used them to decorate honey cakes.

The candles symbolised the light of the goddess. Those who wished to invoke Artemis and send her their wishes had to blow out the flames.

With the spread of Christianity, the tradition was rejected and forgotten for many centuries. Birthday candle-blowing began in Germany in the 13th century, and spread elsewhere centuries later.
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